About Symi Suites

For the luckiest few, our suites on the magnificent island of Symi in Greece featuring unparalleled views of the sea, custom kitchens with fully integrated appliances, full windowed master bedrooms and private outdoor sitting terraces.

Our Pelagos Seaside Suites for rent on the water define the new benchmark of Symi accommodations: expansive, exclusive and extraordinary from every vantage point. If you prefer to be close to the port life in Gialos, then our Agapi Suite will certainly meet your expectations.

Dramatic window views with sweeping views of the sea and the harbor, custom solar and blackout shades and beautiful terraces.

You can rent our suites – any unit you can find on our website. Reach out and a member of our team will help you get started.

The AMA numbers, as required by Greek law are: Pelagos Suite: AMA 654337, Pelagos Junior Suite: AMA 654326, Agapi Suite: AMA 654315