Pelagos Seaside Suite: Δύο πολυτελείς σουίτες στην Σύμη δίπλα στη θάλασσα με κριτικές 5 αστέρων

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Rent one of the Symi Suites accommodations to experience a quintessential Greek island lifestyle filled with excitement and advantages.

Entertain yourself at a fantastic place – we offer two beautiful villas with 3 different suites on the spectacular island of Symi, Greece, featuring neoclassical architectural lines, superb hospitality and breathtaking views as far as the eye can see!


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Accommodation amenities include the famous COCOMAT mattresses and linen, a broadband internet access, air conditioning, branded toiletries with all-natural ingredients and more. You’ll be impressed from our soundproof windows with insect screens and the views from our fantastic terraces. Services are valid for short and long stays.

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Wow. What a magical visit!

Ben, New York, NY

Beautiful little, fine apartment

Moritz, Munich, Germany

Pelagos suite is an amazing place.

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Amazing stay.

Margaux, Paris, France

It is very hard to put down in words the incredible sensation of well-being we experienced at Georgios’s.

Paolo, Milan, Italy

We would like to come again!

Marc, Basel, Switzerland

We were truly overwhelmed by everything about this place.

Joe, Milton Bryan, UK



Gialós, the harbourside part of Symi's main town

A galore of two and three-storey traditional stone houses, painted in all colours but mostly in indigo, ochre and terracotta, with red tiled roofs and cute little balconies with railings set up the peculiarity of Symi. The entrance of the horseshoe-shaped port is dominated by Rolói, a clock tower. Right in the middle of the port there is the statue of the fisher boy, Michalaki (= little Michael) which seems to be welcoming the visitors to the island.

Chorió, the adjacent part on the slopes of the hill

There is a stony stairway of 500 steps leading to the upper part of the town. The locals call it Kalí Stráta, which means “good way”; what else could be called such a wonderful walkway under the trees with the satisfying view over Gialos? Some awesome churches fill the streets of Chorió with beauty. Icon screens, post-byzantine icons and gravel yards are worth seeing here.


Although mountainous, the island is dotted with small valleys. One of those beautifully reaches the sea to form an enticing cove. It’s on that coast that you’ll find the scenic village of Pedi. On the way to it and if it is August 15, don’t miss the genuinely traditional folk festival of the monastery of Panagia Altheini. Another big feast is held at Panagia Myrtariotissa, right on the same day. Meanwhile, for meditating and marveling at frescoes of the 15th century, visit the fortified monastery of Michail Roukouniotis.


One of the island’s most famous landmarks is the monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis on the southwest coast. Built in the early 18th century, it overlooks the bay bearing its name, in an awesome setting combining mountain and sea. What is more, it is dominated by the imposing built-in-1905 bell tower. During the summer months, the monks accommodate visitors in the cells of the monastery for a token charge.